Hyperlite LED High Bay Light

LED high bay light quantity and luminous flux

    Led high-bay lights are used in more and more places, and the brightness and power naturally increase. The LED high-bay lamp is adopted, which uses 300 pieces of 0.1w high-brightness patch LED, with a power of 30W and light, which is equivalent to the luminous brightness of 300w traditional tungsten filament lamps. Therefore, when purchasing LED high-bay lights, after confirming the quality of the LED they are using, they should also pay attention to the wide range of high-bay lights LED High Bay Light.

An important indicator to understand when buying LED high bay lights. The LED high bay light is written on it though. Which color temperature should I choose? This depends on your individual shooting needs. Taking myself as an example, the highest usage rate is the Cubic Double Color Temperature LED High-bay Light. There are also customized sets
Hyperlite Led High Bay Light – TALE Series.

    There are four styles of LED high bay lights. Let’s take a look together to facilitate outdoor shooting; the other is to connect  power through an adapter, which is generally used when shooting indoors. There are some LED high bay light modes, so when choosing LED lights, you must choose according to your own needs. If you often shoot outdoors, you must choose an LED photography light with dual power supply mode.

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