LED High Bay Light online

  The many characteristics of our LED headlights are also the only LED headlight products tested this time. Compared with the first three players with matte lenses, the tangent of the light has a big difference in style, which is very hard. The light and dark transition area, the sharp tangent line of the light, and the slightly narrower irradiation width compared to the hemp lens, the characteristics of these high-definition lenses are presented one by one. Very powerful, the third-line data has a terrifying strength of hundreds, and the irradiation distance of the low beam is also very considerable. Compared with the light changing mechanism of the xenon lamp, its variable light can be described as “lightning + silent”. Finally, the performance of high beam is similar to that of XNL, but the subjective feeling is still brighter, which is also due to the color temperature LED High Bay Light.

    LED is an inevitable trend


Whether in the industry or in the home, LED light applications are common. Let’s talk about the free-matching type: the upgrade products of independent matching mainly refer to xenon lamps. Among our first-line LED brands: (determining the paving effect, light type, tangent, uniformity, like soft and uniform selection of hemp surface, like sharp and highly transparent Choose HD

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