How do LED light pole screens become interconnected and intelligent?

As an important category of urban lighting, smart led high bay light pole screens are more and more popular with its strong and comprehensive product performance, dual value commercial and people’s livelihood services, convenient operation and ease of operation. Many outdoor advertising companies, outdoor media companies, commercial complex operators, public administration departments, smart city construction departments and other related parties have been concerned and used in some projects.

From the current wisdom light pole management mode, a large part of it relies on the intelligent management mode of LED light pole screen, such as single light control to automatically adjust brightness, environmental monitoring data display, intelligent monitoring, big data acquisition, public broadcasting, burst Instant messaging of information, etc., rely on the LED light pole screen to obtain a larger display and carry more wisdom value.

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In this trend-oriented smart upgrade operation, the High Bay Led Shop Lightspole screen is transforming into a bright spot through information conversion, taking the intelligent upgrade as an opportunity, and operating income as a “chip” to further support smart city applications and display new ones. Competitive Advantage.

The deep integration of LED light pole screens and smart light poles has become an industry consensus. However, the current smart light pole industry has not yet entered a virtuous circle, and interconnection, sharing and intelligence are still in their infancy. Therefore, LED light pole screen integration will transform the hardware advantages into full-platform intelligent control, and will become a new growth point while promoting interconnection and sharing intelligence. This is both a demand for smart development and an opportunity for innovation in streetlight application models.

In fact, with the increasing voice of 5G construction, the promotion of smart light poles has become a process of pursuing intelligence, interaction, information and technology, and LED light pole screens have gradually replaced the original tradition. The way information is published has become the mainstream of information dissemination in the era of wisdom. Thanks to this, many LED light pole screen manufacturers, including our Tailong Zhixian, choose to use unique innovative perspectives and precise positioning of the market, with LED light pole screen as a smart entry point, further integrated into the wisdom light pole Ecological circle.

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However, one thing worthy of recognition is that at present, with the promotion of policies and the deepening of demand, the future of smart light poles has become more and more inventible. Regardless of the development process of 5G, it is necessary to reserve 5G site resources in advance by using public facilities such as lampposts. Unstoppable, and our Tailong Zhixian as a professional LED light pole screen manufacturer and smart light pole industry core provider, before doing the product well, word of mouth is established, even if it is only a sample must be done, exhaustive new Materials, new technologies, new features, full support for urban infrastructure and smart light pole 5G base station popular!

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